"LVTech is wonderful. They have a great attitude and make what is usually a stressful experience fun! After nine years, this is the first time things have come together with our computer system. LVTech has been a blessing to us."
   -Brenda Goldman, Executive Director
   Hope for Kids

"LVTech tells you exactly what’s wrong and how and when it’s going to be fixed. They give you straight talk without the nonsense and deliver on what they said."
   -Keith Cooper, Owner
   Paradigm Corporation

"LVTech has always been able to figure out solutions to our problems, regardless of the size or scope. But they also take the time to teach you how to manage your system. They fix the immediate problem and help prevent future problems."
   -Barb Kavar,
   Ed Kavar Insurance

"LVTech seamlessly migrated our old server onto newer hardware with virtually no downtime! LVTech provided what I call ‘hassle free solutions.'"
   -Jodi Barlock, Controller
   Control Analytics, Inc.

"From network infrastructure down to individual computers, LVTech continually gives us the level of service we need to keep our systems operating at peak performance. Their straight forward approach helps all of us put our minds at ease and makes all of our jobs easier."
   -Doug Sedlak, Coordinator of Technology
   Derry Area School District

"LV Tech increased our scheduling efficiency by developing a Remote Timesheet System that lets our foreman access time sheets on the road, maximizing efficiency in the field."
   -Pam Piper, Controller
   Kukurin Contracting, Inc.

"LV Tech's customer service and personalized attention are exceptional. They gave us what we needed when we needed it: off-site email backup seamlessly integrated into our customized on-site solution."
   -Dan Delisio, Owner
   Next Architecture

"We were not satisfied with our IT support firm. We called LV Tech and they fixed our immediate problems and implemented a continual improvement plan. They even setup our multimedia room, taking our presentations to the next level!"
   -Lynda Lazzaro, Executive Vice President
   Aestique Medical Center

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